Please let me know how can I help you and your business be better with my knowledge. I will get back to you in max. 24-48 hrs. Also, please check F.A.Q. part of the site below to get your answers even sooner.

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It depends on the workflow at the moment of contact. If I have lots of projects in the loop, the creation could delay, and it would need to be scheduled.

Landing page cost calculates per project basis. Since every project is custom designed, you won’t have the same specification as somebody else. So the best way to determine the cost of your case is to contact me about it.

Like with the landing page, the price will determine the amount of work that needs to create it. Sales pages with ten slides of Word document will cost less than fifteen slides for example. For your specific case, the best way would be to contact me.

If the project is small, up to 500 USD, it would need to be paid in full. If the project is much bigger and takes more time to do it, it can be paid half upfront and half
before project delivery. You don’t have to worry as I have a full money back guarantee on all of my services.

Yes! Every project that I create you will receive Photoshop source files. If it’s a web project, You can take those files to your developer, or if you are using my development team, they can work with it.

I would recommend that you grab yourself a copy of Adobe Photoshop which cost around 19 USD a month, depending on where you live. If that is expensive, the other alternative would be Gimp software which you can download here for free.

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